JUST RELEASED: No problem, Keepin’ It Social

In 2007 when PBS embarked on a grant funded experiment called PBS Engage, most PBS stations had not even heard of social media. A select few had MySpace pages and even less had Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The Engage project ended last year, but the legacy lives on, through the original Engage team (now integrated into different groups within PBS Interactive), and most importantly, through the tremendous strides that stations have made in launching social media initiatives.

Now, 90% of all PBS member stations have an active presence on social media platforms – a HUGE achievement that makes us all very proud on the SPI team. These initiatives enable audiences to get the maximum engagement by following, friending, watching, and looking into all the wonderful things stations have to offer.

To celebrate and support this station social media explosion, the SPI team is releasing two new offerings this week:

Social Media @Stations
This aggregated resource list of member station social sites is designed to help you follow, friend, like, listen, and look at what's happening around the web with local PBS stations.

Social Media Best Practices
We’ve added to our comprehensive Best Practices for Member Stations by creating a social media best practices area designed to help stations navigate the many possibilities and challenges related to social engagement.

We hope that these two additions will help you keep in touch with your fellow stations and help keep your initiatives going and growing. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments below or by sending us an email. Happy engaging!

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