Introducing a New Search on is rolling out its new search solution, powered by RAMP, a content optimization platform serving some of the top media companies on the web. The system will replace the Google Search Appliance (GSA) powered search currently used for No changes are being made to the PBS Google Search Module at this time.

RAMP-powered search will help the relevancy of search results, and includes a new faceted search which will change how local content is surfaced in the results.

Local results will now surface within the main results page based on relevancy. These local results are not based on localization, but on the term searched. For example, if a user is localized to WGBH, content from KQED may surface if it is relevant to the search term, allowing the most relevant public broadcasting content to surface based on a user's needs.

Users will now have the opportunity to filter search results by a number of facets, including content type (article vs. video), program, stations, date, etc. This will give users much more power to own their search experience and easily identify the content they are looking for.

When a user decides to filter to results from stations, the results returned are not based on localization, but on the term searched. For example, even if a user is localized to WGBH, content from KQED will surface if it is relevant to what the user is searching for. Users will have the ability to browse through all station content, or filter down further to an individual station.

We are also working on surfacing the top results from the station a user is localized to in a box to the right of the primary search results, but this feature will not be available at launch.

The PBS Google Search Appliance will continue to crawl your site and index content to appear in both local and national searches. Please note that the GSA is configured not to crawl local pages with variables built into the URL (URLs ending in something like, "?&program=23456" as opposed to ".html").

Local content existing on dynamic URLs will not surface on the search unless it is indexed in Merlin. More information on getting your station on-boarded to Merlin is available on SRC in the Merlin Resource Center. More information on how the change will affect nationally produced content will be posted on the PBS Producer's Exchange Blog.


We will continue to adjust and enhance the new RAMP search over time to provide the most relevant results from across the system to users. To help us in this process, please send any feedback you have around the new search features or results here in the comments or email the SPI Team.

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