FYI Corner: Twitter Tips

Written by Daryl Johnston, Station Products & Innovation Intern

Twitter is what I personally like to call a communications jungle because there is always so much going on and it is easy to get lost in all the chatter. So if your station’s timeline is anything like mine when you come back from an hour long meeting, you already have 200 or more tweets. Add all the other things you have to do into the mix and interacting with your audience on Twitter is no longer a priority. Before you throw your hands up and run away from the computer, here are a few tips to help you better manage and navigate this communications jungle.

• What is the impact your station’s Tweets have on viewers? If you have no idea, get your Klout score. Use Klout to find out the influence your station has on Twitter, how many times you have been retweeted, and how many @mentions your station has in total. You’ll also learn what kind of influence you may have on your audience by finding out if you are more of an explorer, specialist or other type of Tweeter.
• Want to make sure viewers are easily able to find your station or do you want to search out others in the public media industry? Use Listorius which has the easiest to use people and list search by name, region, or topic. Promoting an upcoming local or pledge program about area restaurants? Type a related search term into Listorious and connect to all the local folks who may be interested or who could help you promote the program.
• Follow keywords and #hashtags to easily find content you are able to retweet to your viewers. The SPI team has even created a #localpbs hashtag that we’d love local stations to use and create conversations around.
• Let your viewers know you. Have multiple people post Tweets for your station because it humanizes the organization and they now have someone to contact should they ever have the need. Tools such as Co-Tweet and Hootsuite are great for stations who have multiple Tweeters.
• Does your station have a blog? Crosspromotion is key – do what the SPI team does by posting a teaser on Twitter with a link back to the blog.

For more on how to improve your communications strategy on Twitter, click here.

See what other stations are doing on twitter and other social media sites with our new social media directory . And if you have any other successful tips or apps that have improved your communication with viewers via Twitter, let us know in the comments below.

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