FYI Corner: Social Media App Round-Up

Written by Daryl Johnston, Station Products & Innovation Intern

It is official, almost everyone has now jumped onto the social media bandwagon. Organizations everywhere have either a Facebook page or a Twitter account. So now that your station uses social media, do you know how to get the most out of it? Sure status updates and tweets about the newest NOVA or Great Performances episodes are good, but are they getting to the people you want them to? If not, here are two apps you should consider using in conjunction with your social media outreach.

"Where My Friends Be?" is an app developed to locate a user’s friends on Facebook. Stations can use this online application to visualize where their viewers are located on a Google map. Based on that information, stations can develop a plan to increase viewership in areas where not many viewers are located or better promote local station events where the most viewers live.

"Friend or Follow" is another ingenious app because it allows stations to learn more about the people who are following them – or not. Enter your Twitter username and Friend or Follow will show you the people who you are following, but are not following you. You can also see how many people are following your followers, how often they tweet, and when they were last active. Why does this matter to stations? You want your investment in social media to reach as many people as possible and to create valuable engagement opportunities for your audience, having more insight into those you follow and follow you can help give stations a greater community impact.

Do you know of any interesting applications that help you better communicate with the community through social media? Post a comment about the tools you use and you may be the next SPI blog contributor writing your own FYI Corner!


  1. HootSuite (!
    For managing multiple Facebook / Twitter accounts, it can't be beat. Very good for keeping track of messages and mentions in Twitter, and Facebook wall posts / spam. Fantastic post scheduling and team management as well.

  2. Has anyone gotten the Where My Friends Be app to work on a Fan/Business page? Seems like it is for personal accounts only.