CPB Public Media Audience Survey

I love a good survey. I like taking them and I like giving them. The feedback you can get from a survey can be invaluable in helping to inform a project or provide valuable information about your audience. Currently, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is working with iStrategy Labs on a project that will help inform CPB about public media’s social media usage. And... they have released a survey that they would like for local PBS stations to share with their local communities on their social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The survey, which closes this Friday, March 11th, is designed for the public media audience to share information about how they interact with their local stations on social media. Although the results of the survey will not be compiled into a formal report, the results CPB and iStrategy Labs hope to receive will help inform the research they are doing. So, in the interest of good research that can help us all learn a little more about social media and our audience, we hope you’ll help them out by sharing this link with your community:

Editors note: CPB is aware that stations are reaching out to their audience for pledge at the moment, but any additional help from stations would really improve the number of responses and value of the survey.

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