Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Mobile Revolution

This week, the SPI team is introducing a new weekly feature to its blog where stations will be able to share their opinions and discuss popular topics in public media. Joining the discussion is simple - just share your thoughts in the comments section of each week's discussion post.

This week's topic is mobile technology. Feel free to discuss your favorite apps, your station's mobile strategy, thoughts on Egypt's 'Twitter Revolution', or anything else related to mobile media.

In the spirit of this discussion, we've added a new poll to the blog, located in the right sidebar. Be sure to cast your vote!

(P.S. We need a catchy name for this new weekly feature - something cool like 'Weekly Throwdown' - so leave a comment if you have any ideas to share.)


  1. I'll start things off: Apple iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone 7?

    I'm an iOS guy myself, but only on my iPod Touch. Whenever I decide to upgrade my phone, I'll probably give Android a try. (I'm currently rolling with a *vintage* Sanyo flip phone, haha!)

  2. Little green robots are going to break all the windows and eat all the apples as they take over the world!

  3. My android phone has changed my life - so many functions yet so simple to use. It gets me places, answers my questions, provides endless entertainment (it even syncs with my kindle!), keeps me informed with news apps, and connects me to all my family and friends. I know iPhones can do this, too, but the iPhone has fruit, the android has a super cute green robot.

  4. I just got an Android phone a couple of months ago.. and I'm not liking it. It feels complicated to the ludite in me. If I hadn't found the Swipe app (thanks to Kevin Dando), I'd have chucked it in the Potomac River by now.

    I dream of iPhone but am now in 2 year Droid contract..

  5. How do we plan to define mobile? My brain goes to phones, but the picture is of an iPad.

    If we count portables with mobile, don't forget the android and windows tablets coming soon.