Project Merlin - Who Wants In?

Have you heard? Stations are seeing increases in traffic to their sites by promoting their content on through Project Merlin. For example, traffic to some of SDPB's COVE video promoted through Merlin increased by more than 300% !

Want in?

We're gearing up to start our second and third on-boarding cycles for setting stations up with access to Project Merlin. If you missed the call around the holidays, we've re-opened the survey for stations to sign up:

We need to know a little bit about what local content you're interested in sharing with Merlin, and your availability so we can slot you into the appropriate on-boarding group.

Like the initial roll-out of COVE, stations will be brought on-board in small groups on a rolling basis to ensure a broad range of local content from markets across the country is available through Merlin. On-boarding cycles will continue until all interested stations have access.

More information on Merlin is available in the Merlin Resource Center in Station Remote Control. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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