Merlin Update: The Journey Continues

The SPI team is proud to announce that Merlin's first batch of new pupils has successfully completed its on-boarding cycle and is now actively promoting local content on Over the past few weeks, these 18 PBS stations have been diligently studying the intricacies of Merlin's web magic. Now, their content is being promoted to audiences in exciting new ways.

Congratulations to Idaho Public Television, KCPT, Wyoming PBS, Arkansas Educational Television Network, Ozarks Public Television, NET, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, WBGU, Maine Public Broadcasting Network, NHPTV, WHRO, KPTS, Illinois Public Media, WITF, WMHT, Western Reserve Public Media, WNIN, WNMU, and UNC-TV. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Starting next week, a new batch of stations will be entering the Merlin classroom – and the SPI team will be hosting webinars and providing plenty of documentation to help make their on-boarding process quick and easy. We’re excited to be working with Iowa Public Television, KCTS, South Texas Public Broadcasting, KLRN, Vegas PBS, KPBS, HoustonPBS, KVIE, WFYI, WKAR, Maryland Public Television, WSRE, WTIU, PBS Ideastream, and WXXI!

If your station is interested in being included in a future Merlin on-boarding cycle, don’t hesitate to send us an email. On average, Merlin and the new have been increasing visits to station sites by about 8-10% – and nearly half of the traffic referrals from are coming from local content and links on the homepage. We’ve even heard that some stations have seen more than a 600% increase in traffic referrals to their COVE videos. If you’d like to jump in and get started with Merlin’s powerful promotional tools, please contact the SPI team at You can also check out the Merlin Resource Center if you want to start learning the basics today!

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