Geo-Filtering Station Content from PBS's Facebook Page

Written by Kevin Dando, Director, GA Digital Marketing & Communications, PBS

Do you know that Facebook allows “brand pages” (like PBS’s page) to geo-filter its posts? Using this functionality, for example, the PBS Facebook page can post an item about an event or news story that can ONLY be seen by people in Denver or Sacramento or Florida (or whatever city or state we’d want to target).

Recently, the PBS Facebook page has been using this capability more frequently to promote local events like ITVS’s Community Cinema Program. What does this mean for you? With products like Merlin and our social media platforms, we here at PBS are committed to working with stations to help promote local activities at a national level. We want to encourage stations (and program producers) to know that you can request items of note, targeted to people in your specific cities and/or states to be posted on the PBS Facebook page.

Kevin Dando, who oversees posts on PBS’s Facebook page, and the SPI team are working together to formalize a process by which your station could request this kind of post – targeted to people in your viewing area – promoting your content, an event, or anything else on the national PBS Facebook page “liked” by over 500,000 people.

Interested in helping us roll this out? Please get in touch with us at so we can continue the conversation, and talk about next steps.


  1. the technical question is, can you tell how many folks in Mississippi like the PBS page that didn't click like on the MPB page

  2. Tbro -- unfortunately, we don't have that level of precision on the stats. We *can* on the geo-targeted posts, how many "impressions" the post had, and, if we use a URL shortener, can also get the number of clicks the link in the post received. (In addition to the # of likes and comments it receives.)