FYI Corner: Facebook's New Pages

Written by Daryl Johnston, Station Products & Innovation Intern

You may have noticed that Facebook has once again begun rolling out several updates to its popular social networking service. In particular, the recent changes affect Facebook Pages used by many PBS member stations. But have no fear, the SPI FYI Corner is here to help you navigate through Facebook’s new design!

One of the first noticeable new features of Facebook Pages is that their design is now much more similar to the personal profiles of users. Facebook has decided to remove navigation tabs in favor of less visible links that are displayed on the left side of the page. Before you ring a panic alarm about the loss of prominent tabs, try adjusting your Facebook strategy to target the specific benefits presented by this new layout. Your station will need to think outside of the box and post information on its wall instead of hiding it behind tabs, but now new content will be much more visible to users visiting your Facebook Page.

Another new feature being introduced by Facebook is the ability to interact with multiple pages owned by the same admin. This makes it much easier to manage content across multiple pages that represent multiple brands. The benefit stations receive from this is that they are now able to highlight multiple channels or programs on each of their individual Facebook pages. Joint licensees in particular should take advantage of this new feature by cross-promoting radio and TV content on multiple pages.

It may take some getting used to, but the new Facebook Pages will allow stations to interact with viewers more effectively. For more ideas on how to use the new Facebook Pages and to learn about their new features, check out “How Brands Can Make the Most of Facebook’s New Pages” on

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