FYI Corner: Facebook Insights, Socially Aware Metrics

Written by Daryl Johnston, Station Products & Innovation Intern

By now, many people swear by Google Analytics to decipher all of their internet metrics, but using Google to get the right analytics for social sites can be difficult. Enter Facebook Insights: a free tool for Facebook Page owners and Platform developers that provides real-time metrics and can help stations always post the best content.

What is new about Facebook Insights? Whenever you launch Facebook, the Insights Dashboard will now provide the most up-to-date metrics to make it easier to analyze and understand trends. Improved export and dashboard options also make navigating and using the metrics easier as well.

In addition, stations are able to determine which content is most effective and when followers consume the content, in order maximize the impact of every Facebook post. Using Facebook Insights is free for and the data is also available through an API.

For more information on how to put Facebook Insights to good use, read David Hartstein’s article on where he provides tips on how to get the most from every metric. Or contact PBS’s Kevin Dando at

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