2010 PBS KIDS GO! Web Development Grant Winners Announced

The 2010 PBS KIDS GO! Web Development Grants have been awarded.  Seven stations are now working diligently to create some incredible locally-relevant, replicable online experiences for kids!  This year’s projects span mobile and web platforms with an eye toward getting kids and their families out into the community.  An additional seven stations are being mentored by the aforementioned grantees with a goal of creating a community engagement plan and prototyping the interactive component of that plan.  Stay tuned for updates; applications will be released at the end of the summer!

A few exciting points: 
  • At least two projects have mobile components
  • Four projects encourage offline activities as a core of the user experience
  • There’s one station collaboration currently, but room for more!
  • Each grant winner will mentor another station to enhance their local PBS KIDS Interactive offerings.

iQ Zoo:  WQED will work with the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium to place QR Codes at exhibits.  The QR Codes will link to a web portal where kids can discover more information about the animals they’re watching.  The web portal will be divided into biomes which will be divided into sub-habitats which will contain creatures.  Each of the creatures will link to PBS KIDS GO! content.  Other PBS member stations will be able to add animals, biomes and sub-habitats which will be moderated by WQED and made available to all other implementing stations. 

WQED’s mentee will be WVPB:

PBS KIDS GO! Fun Finder:  KBTC will create a kid-friendly calendar tool that allows kids to find and schedule fun events in their community, their favorite TV shows, sports practice, music lessons and more!  Partnerships with local organizations will ensure fresh and relevant events for kids and families. 

KBTC’s mentee will be KSPS:

The Fabulous Edible Garden:  UNC-TV & WGTE will pair up to create a cross-platform game about gardening.  Kids will select a growing region of the US, then choose seeds that will grow in that region.  After preparing the soil, planting the seeds, watering, tending and harvesting kids will unlock local recipes to make with the vegetables they just grew!  Other member stations will be able to contribute local recipes and request additional plants be added to the catalog of flora.

UNC-TV’s mentee will be East Tennessee PBS:
WGTE’s mentee will be WFWA:

PBS KIDS GO! Geo-Journey:  Scurry Squirrel’s winter acorn supply has been hidden throughout the country.  Kids will obtain geographic clues by answer questions about national monuments, famous landmarks and navigation.  By navigating to the correct place on a map, kids will collect acorns to be stored in their log.  A partnership with Groundspeak will promote local events for other implementing PBS member stations.  

WFSU’s mentee will be WMFE:

The Weather Zone:  Have you ever wondered what makes a tornado?  Why isn’t there a rainbow every time it rains?  Based on data from the National Weather Service sliders representing humidity, temperature and pressure will be auto-populated; kids can change each to see how they effect the weather.  More information will be available about clouds, rain snow, rainbows, tornadoes and historical weather events. 

WTIU’s mentee will be WFYI:

Been There, Done That!:  Odds are your community is filled with stuff for kids to experience, and even more likely is those kids have something to say about how fun/awesome/silly that experience was for them.  Been There, Done That! allows kids to see special events in their communities and let a parent or guardian know they want to go.  After checking out a fun new venue, like a science center or museum, kids can come back to upload photos, rate the venue and see what other kids think. 

WNET’s mentee will be WTJX: 

If you have any questions, please contact Tricia George at .

This post is authored by Tricia George,  Production Associate, PBS KIDS GO!

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