Welcome to the New SPI Blog

Written By Thomas Kennedy, Project Coordinator

It goes without saying that social media has transformed the way the world operates. Communication lines between organizations and consumers are no longer one-way roads of information – instead, they have become multi-lane highways of high-speed conversation where ideas are being shared at an unprecedented rate. As we embark on what should be a fantastic and productive new year for PBS Interactive and PBS member stations, the Station Products & Innovation team is proud to launch this slick new blog with the goal of fostering even stronger communication and collaboration with stations.

Here are 4 of our blog’s new features that you should definitely check out while you’re here:

As you read articles and announcements posted to this blog, we encourage you to share feedback with us or strike up discussions with your fellow stations. Each post features a commenting section where you can add your own questions, ideas, or suggestions to the discussion.

2. Polls
In the right sidebar, we’ve added a fun new poll widget that will let you cast your vote on a number of interesting topics or issues that are relevant to PBS member stations. For example: What is your favorite social media site? These polls can be used to chart trends across the system or as starting points for discussions with fellow stations.

3. Pages
At the top of this page, you’ll find a navigation menu that features links to a variety of station-related pages. Each page will feature information about SPI team initiatives that may be helpful for stations that want to learn more about what we’re working on at PBS Interactive. The ‘Weekly Update’ page will also feature a newsletter archive so you can easily catch up on announcements you may have missed during the week.

4. Subscribe
We understand that you may be too busy to check this site frequently. For that reason, we encourage you to subscribe to this blog so you can automatically receive SPI updates that you can read whenever you have a free moment in your day. In the right sidebar, you’ll find a link that will let you subscribe to the SPI Blog with your favorite RSS reader (look for the big orange RSS icon).

As you explore the blog, be sure to take advantage of all of these new features. You can even get started now by leaving a comment at the end of this post. What do you think of the new blog design and layout?

Thanks again for checking out the new SPI blog – and be sure to keep coming back. We’re already developing some exciting new features (like an interactive professional development calendar)!


  1. I think this new blog is INCREDIBLE. It must have been created by a group of super sassy evil geniuses who all deserve more vacation time and lots of cookies!!

  2. Don't forget to follow the SPI team on twitter @SPI_PBS :)

  3. I love the new blog! it's amazing! Great job!