National Online Fundraising Project Status Update, From Jason Seiken

Dear Colleague,

I wanted to share an update on the online fundraising initiative now that the project has fully transitioned to the Interactive team.

Our approach to this project is no different from how we built COVE and Merlin: Create a powerful product, with stations and for the benefit of stations. The goal is to give the 20 million people who visit each month convenient ways to support their local station. Research shows that the online audience is, to a large degree, different from the television audience; for example, the average age of a visitor to is 34.2 years.

Staff has been fine-tuning the approach to reflect feedback we’ve received from stations and advisory groups. Additionally, staff has been building out the technology platform that will make it easier for visitors to and our mobile apps to support their local stations.

This month, we are vetting the product plan with the Online Giving Working Group and the Interactive Station Advisory Council. In early February, we will distribute the plan widely, followed by a webinar to review the plan and outline the overall communications plan.

Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we expect to be ready to conduct some early tests this Spring.

I look forward to continuing the discussions about how to make this the best possible product for stations. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or ideas.

Jason Seiken

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